SMS marketing, or short message service marketing, is a form of mobile marketing that involves sending promotional or transactional messages to users via text messages. It is a direct and immediate way for businesses to communicate with their audience. Here are some key aspects of SMS marketing:

Permission-Based: Generally, businesses should obtain explicit consent from users before sending them promotional SMS messages. This is often done through opt-in processes, such as having users subscribe to a text messaging service.

Personal and Direct: SMS messages are delivered directly to a user’s mobile device, making them highly personal and likely to be read promptly. This direct communication channel can be effective for time-sensitive promotions or important updates.

Short and Concise Messages: Due to the character limit of SMS messages, typically 160 characters, messages need to be concise and to the point. This can be an advantage, as it forces businesses to communicate their message succinctly.

Subscriber Growth

List growth is the foundation for any successful SMS marketing program. The larger it grows, the more value you drive. We’ve built the industry’s most comprehensive set of subscriber growth tools to maximize the size of your audience and keep it growing.

Our customers are building their text marketing lists fast and consistently using our website popups, landing pages, social opt-in links, custom QR codes, checkout forms, short codes, and third-party integrations… all with compliance built in every step of the way.

Promotional Offers and Alerts: SMS marketing is commonly used for sending promotional offers, discounts, and coupons. It’s also effective for sending order updates, appointment reminders, and other time-sensitive alerts.

High Open Rates: SMS messages tend to have high open rates compared to other forms of digital marketing. Many people check their text messages almost immediately after receiving them.

Opt-Out Mechanism: To comply with regulations and respect users’ preferences, SMS marketing messages should include an opt-out mechanism. This allows recipients to unsubscribe from future messages.

Hands-on Approach

We’re proud of our easy-to-use text marketing service. We’re even prouder of our humans. Unlike many software companies who avoid you at all costs, we actually want to talk to you. We believe that our expertise in SMS can help you maximize your success, which maximizes ours. For that reason, we’ve built teams of dedicated people who spend time with our customers helping them develop custom strategies that are tailored for their business.